Lab 55: 2nd Grade & up
Meets weekly
55 minutes
$159/month + $75 Registration Fee
This type of lesson offers SO many benefits:
Each student works at their own pace, and learns independence as a musician
Our structured curriculum goes beyond simply reading music; students learn how to compose, music theory, aural skills, chords, how to play lead sheets, and more
The student learns the music AT the lesson, making practice at home smoother and low stress
Community; students become a part of our little tribe and make friends with their classmates
Confidence grows as the student learns the skill of how to look at a piece of music and play a song! This means they play music they love FASTER
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"What you are doing is fantastic. And no one else is offering everything you are-the positive note board, essential oils in the waiting room, pet therapy, and the individual attention you give to each kid even in a group setting. SO cool!"
- Sarah L
"We want to thank you so much for all you do for our kids. They love piano and we are thrilled with all their progress in just 6 months! We are so lucky to be a part of your studio."
- Andrew and Martha
Foundations: Kindergarten-1st
Meets weekly
40 minutes
$129/month + $75 Registration Fee
Foundations classes are so much fun!

These hybrid group/lab classes teach students to correctly count rhythm, a confident grasp of the keys on the piano, and the beginning skills of note reading with engaging music and corresponding theory fun sheets. We don't know about you, but we don't believe 5-6 year olds are meant to sit still. For this reason, we divide our Foundations lessons into multiple activities to keep students engaged and learning.

We sing, clap, move our bodies, play games, and play the piano. Students become friends, and we make learning music a joyful and confidence boosting experience.

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"He likes telling people about his piano lessons with his friend “Miss Whitney”. He definitely retains a lot— like if I pointed this morning to a key on piano he could correctly identify C, D, and E and my head exploded."
- Jerry L.
"He loves you and piano so much. He loves to sound out the songs from his favorite video games at home."
- Linnsey S
Piano Prep: Ages 3-5
Meets weekly
30 minutes
$89/month + $75 Registration Fee

KiddyKeys® is a piano prep program for preschool children age 3 to 5. KiddyKeys is piano-focused and gives children skills that will prepare them for formal music lessons, if desired.

The curriculum offers a diverse range of musical knowledge and experiences: singing, dancing, rhythm instruments, coloring, storybooks, music terminology, finger plays, and even a bit of music history.

Students are given the chance to play at a piano keyboard each week, but are not expected to practice at home, and owning a piano or keyboard is not required.

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"I am impressed with Whitney. She knows music and is a fabulous musician. But what I love more than that is her demeanor. I have watched her with both of my kids and she is kind and patient and encouraging. I trust her to give them what they need, and do it in a way that values who they are."
- Keven S
"She played her new song all night until it was bed time, and even taught her dad the song also! We were so impressed!  She loves coming to her lessons!"
- Amanda V