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We have found the combination of group and lab learning to be both effective and motivating for students. Music is designed to be shared, and our unique format allows students the opportunity to both work together *and* to work independently. With this combination approach, students thrive with the camaraderie and community aspects of music, while also having time to set and reach their specific individual goals.

Each offering has an age recommendation; however this is a guideline. We monitor each student's readiness closely and will proactively reach out if we feel you student may thrive even more in a different offering.

No! Your child can bump to the next level when they are ready. We do not keep students in the same class if they have demonstrated the skills and readiness to move to the next level.

Foundations and Lab students receive a personalized checklist with their books. This allows both you and your child to stay up to date on what your child is working on. In addition, you will receive weekly lesson notes and a quarterly progress report detailing accomplishments, goals and teacher feedback.

We do not require a set amount of practice. There is not a specified amount of practice that guarantees results; and rather than create a strain around forced practice time, we encourage you to develop a routine that is sustainable and doable for your family.

You can register for the offering of your choice online and pay by credit or debit card. This secures your child's spot and can be done right from your phone! During the school year, payments are on autopay and will process the first of each month.

Our yearly $60 registration fee is processed for fall enrollment and goes towards your students materials, books, awards, performances, backpack and more. Our monthly tuition is a flat rate; you will not have any surprise expenses or fees, making budgeting simple and streamlined.

We love to provide music that motivates students. In addition to their full curriculum, we have access to thousands of solos and provide those as requested. This perk is included in your monthly tuition.

We have the most flexible makeup policy around! We know life happens, so if you cancel your child's lesson within 2 hours of the start time, our system will issue you a makeup credit. You have up to 60 days to look for possible makeup times that may work for your schedule.