How do I sign up?

Click here to fill out a registration form. Registration for monthly lessons is $50/year per student. This locks in your lesson time and covers books, materials, awards and more. There is no registration fee to sign up for a 4 week sessions or camps.

How do I pay?

Monthly tuition is due on the 1st, from September to May. When you sign up, you are able to enter your credit/debit card info directly into the scheduling software. From there, payments will be automatically charged monthly. No additional work on your end! The first payment will be a double payment of 2 months tuition, and covers the first and last month of the student's time at the studio.

I know flexibility is important to parents, and this system allows me to offer lessons on a monthly basis, instead of requiring a semester commitment.

What does the monthly tuition cover?

Tuition is based on enrollment, not attendance. Tuition covers so much more than a weekly lesson!

  • Studio events, including recitals, piano parties, award celebrations, and more
  • Music and supplies, including maintaining student lending library
  • Time spent in lessons, as well as lesson preparation (lesson planning, curriculum development, etc.)
  • Studio Technology (studio iPads, apps, recording equipment, etc.)
  • Student incentives, prizes, and awards
  • Continuing education and teacher training, including professional journals & publications, and attendance of music education conferences and seminars.
  • Professional memberships (Music Teachers National Association & Iowa Music Teachers Association), which provide students with additional opportunities for festivals, competitions, and performance events.
  • Other studio expenses & maintenance (WIFI, photocopies, instrument maintenance, repairs, etc.)
  • Professional commerical space, business licenses, insurance and taxes.

What is the commitment required?

We understand that piano lessons don’t last forever! When you are ready to discontinue lessons, please e-mail hello@bloommusicstudio.com to confirm termination of lessons. Our goal will be to finish out the month on a high note. (MUSIC JOKES)

What happens if I need to miss a lesson?

  • If a student misses a lesson and there is an available spot that week at another lesson time, parents or students can reschedule in the ‘Opus 1 Student’ portal. This option is not guaranteed, and dependent on open time slots. If there is not an available lesson time that week, students are encouraged to send in video submissions of their pieces for feedback and to receive new assignments.
  • Much like dance, sports, and many other monthly activities, there are no refunds for student absences. Any teacher absences or cancellations will be made up in May.men
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