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"What you are doing is fantastic. And no one else is offering everything you are-the positive note board, essential oils in the waiting room, pet therapy, and the individual attention you give to each kid even in a group setting. SO cool!" 

- Sarah L

"We want to thank you so much for all you do for our kids. They love piano and we are thrilled with all their progress in just 6 months! We are so lucky to be a part of your studio."

- Andrew and Martha

"He likes telling people about his piano lessons with his friend “Miss Whitney”. He definitely retains a lot— like if I pointed this morning to a key on piano he could correctly identify C, D, and E and my head exploded."

- Jerry L.

"He loves you and piano so much. He loves to sound out the songs from his favorite video games at home."

- Linnsey S

"I am impressed with Whitney. She knows music and is a fabulous musician. But what I love more than that is her demeanor. I have watched her with both of my kids and she is kind and patient and encouraging. I trust her to give them what they need, and do it in a way that values who they are."

- Keven S

"She played her new song all night until it was bed time, and even taught her dad the song also! We were so impressed!  She loves coming to her lessons!"

- Amanda V

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Would you like to meet us and see if we are a fit?

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